Work with Me 2021


Empowering simplicity-seekers by crafting your laidback lifestyle. Yoga – on, and off, the mat.

It’s so good to meet you.  I’m guessing you’re seeking…something.  Maybe I can help you find it.


“I have been thinking back now we have completed a year of one-to-ones, I can’t really believe how you have bought me on from the mess I was when I started. It all seemed totally beyond me at first. My breathing is incredible now, according to my asthma nurse, and I can actually balance (not well) but I can actually do it. I am so very grateful to you for everything you do for me and I just wanted to tell you what a difference you have made to my life and peace of mind.  I realise the session with you in your lovely cabin is the only time I do something for myself and not everyone else. You are an amazing person with understanding that goes beyond words. Thank you, thank you…you are my No. 1!”


It’s been a real rollercoaster, I know…

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s to look at the bigger picture, take stock of our daily lives and figure out how we can keep doing the things we love…whilst gently letting those that are no longer aligned to our desired life fall away.

So I’m going back to basics!  For 2021, expect a simplistic new one-to-one yoga and wellness coaching kit ‘Ebb + Flow’ (available either in-person at The Yoga Cabin or live on Zoom), inclusive, supportive monthly newsletters, uplifting blog content to simplify your lifestyle, and invigorating  outdoor summer classes around West Somerset.

As always with my multi-passionate, life-soaked personality, there will be an element of ‘living a more soul-led life’ woven throughout any services you choose to take up with me.  I like to think of it as what sets me apart.  What makes me ‘me’.  And what gets incredible results for my female clients, too.