An Online Seasonal Book Club | with Luisa


Since the COVID-19 pandemic landed, I have struggled, daily.  And I think you may have, too.



 In 2020 I was thrilled to begin writing for and working with Melanie Burnett (digital designer) and Melanie Sykes (editor in chief), of Frank Magazine.  Frank has recently had a ‘makeover’ and is excitingly now created for women who strive to live more sustainably.  You can read my latest featured article, here (p.132 – 135). 

I’ve also been published on ‘Soulhub‘, have been a lifelong journaller, and have taken writing courses with author Beth Kempton.

And whilst I’m making the intentional choice to not blog regularly right now, you can always delve into my blog ‘back catalogue’, here.

These immersions into the world of publishing have sparked a childhood passion for the written word.  So much so that one frosty January morning, while setting my 2021 gentle goals and daydreaming about how I could possibly squeeze a little more creativity into my life (without turning it into yet another ‘work’ project), this idea landed in my mind…



This is a seasonal online book club, gathering lost creatives, multipassionates and the life-soaked…

We focus mainly on non-fiction and memoir in this new and safe online space, making only eight choices annually, in-line with the dates of the seasonal changes of the year.
 Here we also share uplifting words, positive images, and weave a little storytelling into our everyday, to encourage each other to live with mindfulness and self-discovery.
My wish for this group is simply to satisfy my creative urge by gathering people to grow soulfully together, in the hope that you too will share my love of uplifting words, positive artwork and seasonal storytelling.
 There is no more expectation than that.
I would absolutely love you to join in.  Just click the button below.

“I already feel more peaceful reading this.? I am so looking forward to reading how the year progresses, and delighted to have my own little angel nudging me with her words, to ‘just be’ …thank you Luisa.”


“I so look forward to following your blog and sharing the journey.  Together we travelled so far before lockdown on my path of discovery and enlightenment, so many things just dropped into place and the light was finally switched on. I will use my precious moments to consider your writing now, and see where I go, so gently! I know it will be worth it, your support and encouragement means everything.  Perhaps I will return to the poetry writing and illustration I abandoned long ago, when time and life overtook my creativity, we will see. Thank you for your words.”


“Amazing. We all love what you have written THANK YOU so much, you are in amongst incredible women just like yourself.  We truly live what you have written.”

Millie Cooper, Co-Editor FRANK Magazine