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Hello friend.  This is a quick post to let you know I’m moving the notes from my journal, to Substack, from June 2022.  And what a beautiful space to be!

If you are used to receiving my emails, these will now be replaced with the calming space over on Substack instead. The writing and reading community there has welcomed me with open arms, like an old blog-style friend, pulling up a comfy armchair with my favourite mug of steaming tea.  And unlike social media sites, there is no noise, no shouty Reels, no selling. Heaven. I hope you like it there too.

You can read my very first post, for free, on my newsletter named ‘Salted‘, now.  You can even ‘subscribe‘ for free too, so that you never miss a post.  I’ve also recommended some writers that inspire me, that you may like to follow while you’re there.

x Luisa

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