…to my studio!  Proudly introducing The Yoga Cabin.

Thanks to an awesome hubby (who’s a builder!) and a lot of planning, phone calls, insurances (and a fair bit of stress!) my gorgeous private garden studio in Minehead, West Somerset,  is now ready to greet you.

The Yoga Cabin is the perfect family space, office space, gym space (sometimes gin drinking space!) and a very special place to share all things fitness, yoga, meditation, relaxation, books, self-development, and wellness, with you.

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  • The Yoga Cabin is constructed in cedar-timber, fully-insulated, with electricity and WIFI, and decorated inside in a rugged coastal theme, with muted tones of silver, aqua, and ochre, and a bleach-washed driftwood effect non-slip floor
  • it’s accessible via our garden, with ample parking nearby
  •  the cabin is light, airy, fresh and clean, with a large sliding door and big windows
  • there is even a charity donation women’s library of self-development books, including themes such as nutrition, the moon, angels, journalling, aromatherapy
  • for yoga we can set-up with cosy sheepskin rugs, pretty fairy lights, nourishing essential oil diffuser, and nurturing lavender eye pillows
  • for personal training sessions there is a range of small equipment, mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, and exercise bike
  • you are always welcome to a healthful herbal tea or juice, too!

Imagine having this as your personal training or yoga space, to meet with me and plan your dreams!  The Yoga Cabin is a private, calming and intimate women’s venue.  A hidden gem in a secret garden, but only moments from the centre of Minehead.  Your very own retreat to a world of qualified health, wellness and fitness and soul support, with me. Magic… ;0)


I’ve been to a couple of luscious sessions with Luisa at the Yoga Cabin. Such a lovely event, stretches, relaxation and chocolate, what more could I ask for! Looking forward to see what this enterprising and professional lady comes up with for 2019.


A wonderful experience from start to finish: an easy to find and accessible location, with plenty of roadside parking. The building itself is cosy and private, so you can let go of your fears about nosy passers! Inside creates a wonderful ambience, it’s very light and soothing and when the sun goes down there is tranquil and warm lighting. The session itself covered all bases: we worked hard and sweated, we stretched and relaxed, and then we reclined in the last of the evening light snug in our blankets with the most delicious cocktail! The group was just the right size, you don’t feel lost or on the spot at all. Luisa puts you at ease, but through your paces as well, and is full of help and support when you need it. This will soon be THE place to go for holistic healing, I can’t wait for next time!


Had a fabulous flow this evening, beautiful cabin, light and airy, with everything you needed including blankets, mat & blocks. The gin cocktail, nibbles & chocolate-coated strawberries 🍓 were a fabulous post workout treat, giving time for a natter with the ladies. Gin & Yin-tastic. Namaste 🙏 xx