‘…to my studio!  Proudly introducing ‘The Yoga Cabin’ in Minehead


  • The Yoga Cabin is constructed in cedar-timber, fully-insulated, with electricity and WIFI, and decorated in a rugged coastal theme, with muted tones of silver, aqua, and ochre, and a bleach-washed driftwood effect non-slip floor (and usually several large houseplants, including my favourite lime trees!)
  • it’s accessible directly from the road, with ample parking nearby
  • the cabin is light, airy, fresh and clean, with a large sliding door and big windows
  • I like to set-up with cosy sheepskin rugs, pretty fairy lights, a nourishing essential oil diffuser, oracle or tarot cards, and nurturing lavender eye pillows.  If appropriate we can chat through your food diary, create your meal plans, work out where you can strip back and simplify your daily routine, move together, and journal together, in peace and quiet.  If you fancy taking it up a gear there is also a range of small weights equipment, dumbbells and resistance bands
  • there is even a women’s library of self-development books, with topics such as nutrition, the moon, journalling, crystals, personal growth and aromatherapy.  The kettle is always on with a range of herbal brews for you to enjoy, too!
  • I’m fully insured, and hold current First Aid and Covid-19 awareness training
  • packages are available for my unique and intuitive one-to-one yoga and personal training, with 6 weeks of coaching priced from £450, including unlimited contact in-between our sessions. Installments are very welcome, so please just ask.
  • The Yoga Cabin is open for one-to one appointments every Wednesday, from 9.15am to 7.30pm

As a 31 year old female who has been on a self discovery and personal development journey for the past few years, I can not put into words the effect Luisa has had on my mindset and my life since starting my 12 week 1-1 coaching sessions.

I’ve loved her sessions so much that I simply haven’t been able to accept that they were going to end so I have extended my time with Luisa to allow for continued sessions for as long as I can. In all honesty I don’t ever want them to end, but I appreciate and accept that there are so many other lost souls that could benefit from her one-to-one time. Not only have I found someone that understands me, I can relate to, and has helped shaped my mindset and the direction of my life, but I’ve found a friend and for that I am most grateful. If you happen across Luisa, her page, her socials or even this review then I offer you one piece of advice. Do it! At any cost, do it! Take it on board, soak it all up, invest in yourself, invest in Luisa, because I can guarantee you will not regret it. Luisa has so much to offer, she is full of knowledge and wisdom and she can help you find your path too. Thank you Luisa for guiding me in a way I didn’t realise I needed. You’re sensational!


The Yoga Cabin is a private, soothing and intimate women’s venue.  A hidden gem in a secret garden, but only moments from the centre of Minehead.  Your very own retreat to a world of qualified health, wellness and fitness and soul support, with me.  Just magic… ;0)


In searching for a local yoga studio, I have stumbled across the most gorgeous and wonderful soul (Luisa) who somehow provided answers to problems I didn’t even realise I had.  I already know after our first session last night that this will go beyond our 6 week programme.


I’ve been to a couple of luscious sessions with Luisa at the Yoga Cabin. Such a lovely event, stretches, relaxation, tea and chocolate, what more could I ask for! Looking forward to see what this enterprising and professional lady comes up with next.


“I have been thinking back now we have completed a year of one-to-ones, I can’t really believe how you have bought me on from the mess I was when I started. It all seemed totally beyond me at first. My breathing is incredible now, according to my asthma nurse, and I can actually balance (not well) but I can actually do it. I am so very grateful to you for everything you do for me and I just wanted to tell you what a difference you have made to my life and peace of mind.  I realise the session with you in your lovely cabin is the only time I do something for myself and not everyone else. You are an amazing person with understanding that goes beyond words. Thank you, thank you…you are my No. 1!”


If you aren’t sure whether or not to make the investment, I promise that you will not be disappointed that you did.
You are in great hands! Thank you Luisa!

Luisa is such a great Personal Trainer. She is patient, encouraging & knowledgable & explains the written and physical exercises you are doing really clearly.  I have come away feeling inspired & motivated.