Salt + Soul | One to One Coastal Walking

  • Do you need to rediscover some lost pieces of yourself?

  • Do you prefer being outside in the fresh air – and wish you could better use your outdoor time to get your blood pumping, your heart beating, to get fitter and stronger?

  • Do you have a project, or goal, you want to achieve, but keep getting ‘stuck’?

  • You’re worried and anxious about reconnecting with fitness, and the gym isn’t for you, but you know you need to do…something?

  • You suffer with lifestyle-related health problems – perhaps high blood pressure or high cholesterol. You may have struggled with other medical conditions, such as stress, anxiety, asthma, fibromyalgia…and feel they are holding you back from enjoying physical activity?

  • You’re a busy, professional woman. You simply don’t have the time to sit down and research all of these things, to find out what will work for you.  You need someone to do it for you…

Luisa is a great Personal Trainer, I’ve been going to her for 18 months and thoroughly enjoying. She is very motivating and knowledgable, so you can get the results you want.

Joanna C

DON’T feel guilty.  You’re doing everything you can.  You just need a helpful nudge.

This is where I can help you…


Salt + Soul places are incredibly limited with Luisa, as she works only with a select few women at a time to ensure maximum support can be provided.  In addition to her Personal Training qualifications with industry-leaders, Active IQ, Luisa is also qualified to Level 3/4 as a GP Exercise Referral Consultant.  This means she is able to work clinically with individuals with many common medical conditions, …so you can relax and know that you are in safe hands.   She is also currently hiking the 630 mile South West Coast Path herself, encouraging more women to challenge themselves along the way.

Sound good? 


Salt + Soul | One to One Coastal Walking

(each session is 75 – 90 minutes, depending on your goals and needs)

available in-person only, around the Minehead coast ~ coastal walking therapy, reconnect with nature and yourself ~ ideal as a walking consultation, for beginner female hikers, for those keen to use walking as a form of relaxation and mindfulness, for those wanting to improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness, or for those with chronic health conditions ~ well-behaved dogs welcome!

One Session: £45 

Three Sessions: £125

Six Sessions: £225

I signed up with Luisa for one-to-one Personal Training sessions having never tried this before and I have absolutely loved it! She makes the sessions fun and interesting, and they are always different!  In an 8 week period I lost 1/2 a stone, and a LOT of inches, but more than anything I am more body-confident than I have been for a long time (or perhaps ever!)  It’s definitely all about feeling fit and strong, not skinny, and she’s absolutely brilliant. Thanks Luisa!