Rocks + Relaxation | One to One Healing

Are you a busy, modern woman?  Do you suffer with chronic mild to moderate stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, or sleep problems?

Do you struggle to relax and just switch off?

Or maybe you’ve heard about the health benefits of yoga and meditation…but would like to enjoy those benefits without so much movement?

My innate healing abilities, plus my total passion and long-term studies into our energetic body and the natural healing power of ‘rocks’ (crystals), together with how our physical body works alongside, have led me to bring you this comprehensive hour, dedicated just to you.


Do you have a persistent health issue, that just keeps cropping up, every time you get run down?  Have you exhausted traditional medicine’s advice, with little success?  

I can use my years of experience of the anatomical and physiological body, as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and GP Exercise Referral Consultant…alongside my passion for the magical Chakra system, to prescribe and deliver a beautifully relaxing and deep-down healing experience.  

My family comes from a line of female healers, who worked in all walks of life with a soul purpose of helping others feel better.  I just can’t wait to put my healing hands to work, for you.

It’s as if Luisa holds the switch to turning ‘off’ my chronic pain.  It’s simply magic.  For that time, on the comfy couch in The Yoga Cabin, I am pain-free.  And Luisa has helped teach me pain-managment techniques during our sessions that I can use at home, too.  Sheer bliss.


I use a combination of intuitive healing techniques with natural rocks (crystals) and gentle guided meditation, all whilst you recline on my beautifully comfortable and clean massage couch, at my airy, private, quiet and calm studio, The Yoga Cabin.


You will need to complete a questionnaire before your appointment to enable me to create a bespoke experience for your needs. Treatment currently uses no touch and so you remain fully clothed throughout.  A perfect way to achieve a massage-style sense of relaxation, without having to take your clothes off!  Simply be guided by my voice into a cocoon of calm and stillness and feel your soul soar…


Rocks + Relaxation One to One Healing

 1 hour appointment  £45

~ includes mini-consultation, to discuss current health, existing medical conditions, fitness, nutrition, stress levels, emotions and any barriers to wellness

~ followed by a tailored guided meditation and deep relaxation experience using the power of beautiful words and intuition

~ plus full set of chakra crystals to take away with you

It’s my one hour of the week when I get some alone time.  It’s so wonderful to have this to look forward to and I always feel wonderful after.