So, why DO you need a Personal Trainer?

  • You think you should go to the gym – but you’re fed up with paying membership and then not having a clue where to begin…(what IS a deadlift anyway?!)
  • You love being outside in the fresh air – and wish you could better use your outdoor time to get fitter and stronger…
  • You are totally confused by the endless stream of do’s and don’ts in the media when it comes to healthy eating…(‘avocado this, kale that…’!)
  • You’re worried and anxious about reconnecting with fitness, and even though you are a confident woman in her 30s/40s/50s/60s (insert age here!) you still get wibbly knees at the thought of it…
  • You suffer with lifestyle-related health problems – like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. You may have struggled with other medical conditions such as stress, anxiety, asthma, diabetes or depression, and feel they are holding you back from enjoying physical activity…
  • You’re a busy, professional woman. You simply don’t have the TIME to sit down and research ALL of these things, to find out what WILL work for YOU…

DON’T feel guilty. You’re doing everything you can. You just need a helpful nudge.

An inspirational nutrition and fitness coach, always there to give help and advice ..and just happens to be a wonderful lady


This is where I can help you…

I am here, both in-person or online, to help you stop the endless cycle of January gym-joining. If you are ready to dedicate yourself to a life full of energy, waking up feeling 100% and ready for whatever your family, work or life in general is going to throw at you, then you’re in the right place!

If you are too busy to even begin to start learning and researching the science behind what nutrition will work for YOU, then you’re in the right place. If you want to lead a balanced life without restriction, but with some discipline, just a little self-restraint and a gorgeous attitude, here I am, to MAKE you accountable, to motivate and support you, to help show you the way.

Let me take away your wobbly worries, help you stand strong and embrace how it feels to feel amazing. I’m Luisa, a Personal Trainer and female coach who is ready to empower you to embrace a fitter, more fulfilled, healthier life, and all the good things that brings.

The truth is, when your body is happy, YOU are happy. It works both ways! And no ‘diet’ in the world is going to make you truly happy. That’s why we will work together on EVERYTHING – we can (and will!) talk sleep, hormones, relationships, work, stress, meditation, exercise and nutrition.

Let’s fix whatever needs fixing, shift what needs shifting and make actionable plans together.

Sounds good?

Training places are incredibly limited with Luisa, as she works only with a select few women at a time to ensure maximum support can be provided. In addition to her Personal Training qualifications with industry-leaders, Active IQ, Luisa is also qualified to Level 3/4 as a GP Exercise Referral Consultant. This means she is able to work clinically with individuals with medical conditions, such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, asthma, arthritis, and more…so you can relax and know that you are in safe hands.


Hot Off The Press!
8 Week Women’s Small Group Personal Training
in Minehead £200 (almost Sold Out!)

  • 8 weeks coaching
  • includes in-depth Consultation, to discuss your health and lifestyle history and goals
  • includes 4 x 2 Hour Small Group Personal Training sessions (maximum of 4 ladies per coaching session)
  • train in the great outdoors, and at a private, peaceful home venue
  • unlimited contact with Luisa by email/message throughout the 8 weeks of coaching
  • the beauty of Personal Training made affordable
  • gain even more motivation by working-out with like-minded ladies
  • hold yourself accountable and see results
  •  try new skills, eg Boxercise, Yoga, Strength Training, in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • free access to Luisa’s private, female-only, online support group, with daily tips & freebies
  • Available in-person in Minehead only

What you need to do now:

  • head to:
  • Scroll down to the Calendar, and choose FOUR training session timeslots from the eight available sessions throughout June and July that work for you (21/06, 23/06, 28/06, 05/07, 14/07, 19/07, or 2 x sessions on 29/07)
  • Pay for one session (£50) via the link, and choose ‘Pay On The Door‘ for the other three.  This £50 is non-refundable, and is your deposit to get you into the 8 Week programme.
  • I will be in contact shortly after you pay your deposit, to book your Consultation, which will take place either by phone or in-person, in early June.


Personal Training 6 Week Package £295 (SOLD OUT!)

  • An in-depth consultation, to discuss your health and lifestyle history and goals
  • Creating a personalised Action Plan of achievable steps to keep you on track for those goals
  • 6 Personal Training sessions in Minehead, either in the beautiful outdoors, or at The Beach Hotel’s Fitness Suite gym. These will focus on food, fitness, stress management, hormones, family, mindset and more!  Examples of exercise can include Boxercise, Yoga, Stretch, Gym, Weights, Kettlebells, Circuits and will be entirely appropriate to your goals and enjoyment
  • Unlimited access to Luisa by email and message throughout your 6 weeks of coaching
  • Free access to Luisa’s private online female support group, with daily tips & freebies
  • Fab FREE & inspiring gift for you to keep!
  • Available in-person in Minehead only


Consultation only £50

  • An in-depth, 90 minute consultation at Luisa’s home office, to discuss your fitness and nutritional needs, lifestyle history and goals
  • Focus on food, fitness, stress management, hormones, family meals, mindset, scheduling, and more
  • Creating a personalised Action Plan of achievable steps to keep you on track for those goals
  • Free access to Luisa’s private online female support group, with daily tips & freebies
  • Available in-person or by Skype/phone


Got Questions?

Can I do this online too?

Yes, absolutely! Consultations and meal planning can be carried out through Skype or by phone.  All aspects aside from the actual physical fitness training can be made to fit you and your lifestyle, no matter where you live. Check out some testimonials from women who I’ve worked with online below.

Can I pay weekly?

Of course! Just ask for instalment options, but weekly or monthly payments are absolutely fine, and a variety of methods of payment are available.

What days and times can I train with you?

I have only a handful of appointment slots each week reserved for one-to-ones. Please just get in touch and we will work out something perfect for you.

Interested? Contact me to request a free call with me to find out if Personal Training with me, is right for you.


I signed up to Luisa’s 6 week detox as I had become dependent on sugar and caffeine to get me through each day, at work and at home with the kids. I felt totally rubbish and needed to make big changes. I thought it would be really difficult to break the habits, but Luisa’s plan helped to ease me in and within a week I had completely cut out caffeine and lost my sugar cravings and felt amazing for it! After 6 weeks, I’ve lost weight, feel energised and have no desire to go back to how things were before. It has been tough at times but overall it’s fitted in with family life and I feel like I have more food choices now, not less! So glad that I signed up both for my benefit and my family as even my children now are making better food choices!


I messaged Luisa last month with a very specific goal in mind and with a very short deadline! Luisa was so friendly and super helpful. She pushed me to my limits and most of all I now feel so much stronger and healthier. Thanks to Luisa I smashed my goal and am soon to be in the RAF. Cannot recommend enough!


I signed up with Luisa for one-to-one Personal Training sessions having never tried this before and I have absolutely loved it! She makes the sessions fun and interesting, and they are always different! I never thought I’d be incorporating weight lifting into my fitness regime but they have made such a difference and she has been brilliant at building up my confidence in lifting, when to be honest I originally thought lifting was only for gym buffs who want to look like the Hulk! In an 8 week period I also lost 1/2 a stone, and a LOT of inches, but more than anything I am more body confident than I have been for a long time (or perhaps ever!) It’s definitely all about feeling fit and strong, not skinny, and she’s absolutely brilliant. Thanks Luisa!