The Yoga PT Online

Build your own Home Workout | for Busy, Modern Women

This has been a loooooonnnnnggg time coming…but ‘The Yoga PT Online’ is now ready!  Sign up today and enjoy access to a friendly video library of home fitness, yoga, and meditation practices, as well as the most dedicated online women’s support group, to help you to build your own mindful home workout.
Improve your:
~ fitness levels
~ physical strength
~ hormonal function
~ sleep
~sense of self
~ mood stability
~ flexibility
~ mindfulness
~ scheduling
~ spiritual awareness
~ goal setting
~ intentional, conscious living

“Luisa is warm, friendly and supportive.  You can trust her to guide you towards great results with guaranteed fun.  Gold star for fast, flexible workouts, carefully designed to fit into any busy schedule.”


As well as receiving access to all the 15 minute videos, to include:

  • Warm Up
  • 3 x Fitness home workouts (Upper Body & Core, Lower Body & Core, and Cardio)
  • 3 x Yoga home practices (Beginners Sun Salutations, Hip Opening and Power Warrior Flow)

  •  3 x Meditations and Guided Relaxations (Basic Breath, Yoga Nidra with Journalling, and Meditation to Find Yourself)

  • Cooldown

…you will also be able to join my brand new, private support group, where you can chat with me directly, and other like-minded fabulous women on exactly the same journey, safely and confidentially.

Maybe you’re currently struggling with:
• overwhelm
• feeling out of balance
• constant lack of TIME
• emotional exhaustion
• heading for burnout
This could be just the ticket if so.
And did I mention you will have lifetime access?!  To all of the videos… and the awesome new private support group?!  Wherever you are in your life. Wherever you are in the world. I’ve got your back.
The Yoga PT Online : RRP £59 ~ but currently £50 OFF due to the worldwide COVID-19 emergency

“I can’t recommend Luisa’s course and community enough.  I was blown away! …I feel more positive, energised and motivated”


 *Disclaimer – you must seek health advice from your GP or health professional on beginning a new fitness or yoga regime, if you aren’t currently active, or have any specific health concerns.  By clicking and purchasing this course you are stating that you are fit and well to take part, and that you will only take part in the videos which are suitable for your ability.   Once purchased and the link to the course is sent, refunds can unfortunately not be given.

 Nutrition & Meal Plan Online Package

Plant-Based Recipes, Shopping Lists & Menu Planners


Take the time and frustration out of finding ‘healthy’ recipes, by having me pick them for you!  Here I offer you over 50 plant-based recipes (with options to add meat or fish) for nourishing breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and puddings!  All including calorie values, if you’re counting your macros, and all with QR codes for the app My Fitness Pal, if you’re using that.  Just click the button to buy, and I will personally email you your Nutrition Pack, including:

  • A comprehensive PDF with over 50 scrumptious, plant-based, healthful Recipes to suit all tastes
  • Recipe Key showing if your recipe is Gluten Free; Dairy Free; Low Carb (under 20g serving); Meal Prep/Freezer Friendly; High Protein (over 20g per serving); Vegetarian; Quick (under 30 mins); Contains Nuts
  • 2 x One Week Meal Planners for you to follow
  • 2 x One Week Shopping Lists for you to use to help you shop for your week


I completed the January online programme with Luisa…it was fantastic, Luisa is great and really motivational and supportive. The advice I have received from Luisa throughout January has been invaluable to me and helped me to make lifestyle changes for the better – not only for me, but for my family as well…Thank you Luisa 


An inspirational nutrition and fitness coach, always there to give help and advice ..and just happens to be a wonderful lady


Thoughtful and personalised fitness and lifestyle advice, boundless enthusiasm and fab studio.


I messaged Luisa last month with a very specific goal in mind and with a very short deadline! Luisa was so friendly and super helpful. She pushed me to my limits and most of all I now feel so much stronger and healthier. Thanks to Luisa I smashed my goal and am soon to be in the RAF. Cannot recommend enough!