Need a writer or podcast speaker for your articles + features?


I love to collaborate with other health professionals…I love to talk about simplifying your yoga practice…and I love to write! 

I’ve been a lifelong journaller, and although my public writing journey is only just beginning, it’s gathering momentum, and I’m loving every minute. 

I’m a total self-development addict, and recently invested in a wonderful four week course with Hay House and Piatkus published author, Beth Kempton, giving me the most priceless insight into the life of a writer, having felt that undeniable pull to share my words in print.

I am thrilled to have recently been asked to work with Millie Cooper and Melanie Sykes, both editors of successful, global magazines for women aged 40+, and with Carmen Rendell of the inspirational wellness forum, ‘Soulhub’.

“Amazing. We all love what you have written THANK YOU so much, you are in amongst incredible women just like yourself.  We truly live what you have written.”

Millie Cooper, Co-Editor FRANK Magazine

I am open to all ideas and suggestions for podcast interviews, feature writing, regular column writing, or one-off articles, in relevant magazines, to help develop my style and further build my confidence.  My years of expertise, my multi-passionate lifestyle and eagerness to share everything I learn(!), along with my emerging, easy-flowing, relatable, feminine writing and confidence with verbal sharing, would be perfect for magazines, podcasts, or articles on subjects such as:

simple yoga

beginning a simple home workout

the positive effects of exercise for long-term-health-conditions

the power of easy home meditation combined with journalling

making outdoors life a go-to, for your young family

overcoming overwhelm and avoiding burnout

living more simply

establishing a healthy routine

breathwork and managing stress

hiking the South West Coast Path

work/life balance as a busy, modern woman

rewilding your children

ditching the diet culture


“I already feel more peaceful reading this.🧡 I am so looking forward to reading how your blogging year progresses, and delighted to have my own little angel nudging me with her words, to ‘just be’ …thank you Luisa.”


“Writing my first blog…wish I had 1/4 of your talent!”


“I so look forward to following your blog and sharing the journey.  Together we travelled so far before lockdown on my path of discovery and enlightenment, so many things just dropped into place and the light was finally switched on. I will use my precious moments to consider your writing now, and see where I go, so gently! I know it will be worth it, your support and encouragement means everything.  Perhaps I will return to the poetry writing and illustration I abandoned long ago, when time and life overtook my creativity, we will see. Thank you for your words.”