Manifesting Calm | ‘A Year to Heal’ series: December 2020

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I’m sure there’s nothing revelationary about me starting this post by saying “Wow.  What a year!”  Because, friends, wow…what a year.

And here we are, in December, breathing a huge sigh, tired, weary, with many, many new grey hairs.  Possibly with a whole different life than a year ago.   Possibly with a whole different outlook?

Our topic for my online book club, ‘A Year to Heal’ this month is ‘manifesting calm’, beautifully and hopefully supported by our book club read of the month, ‘Calm Christmas’ by Beth Kempton (who has helped me immensely this year.  Please do look her up).

We’ll be having an online chat, over a cuppa, with some intriguing questions to ponder about the book, in our online A Year to Heal community (perfect for book-lovers, planner-addicts and self-development-fans) on two evenings this upcoming month.  I’d love you to join us.

Manifesting a calmer 2021…

This year, as you may have seen on Instagram and Facebook, I’ve been starting to weave the idea of simplifying, getting back-to-basics, and slowing down, into my yoga, my work, my home and my lifestyle.  I’ve recently begun an awesome, soulful business course with coach and blogger Kayte Ferris and I’m feeling super-inspired – but also super-disciplined and able to hold back with much less regret (and FOMO!) than I would have felt even a year ago.  This is now the perfect time of year to manifest…calm, yes absolutely…but also to manifest your attitude and values for the year to come.  Like many, my diary and planner have gathered much dust during 2020(!) but that isn’t going to stop me finding my perfect stationery to manifest the best 2021 I possibly can.  But, in a mindful, simplistic, manageable way.


My @scribble_and_dot planner for 2021! Purdy…


Do you pick a ‘Word of the Year’?

Whilst setting up my simple planning, stripping back the offerings on my website, and trimming the (frankly quite ridiculous) number of metaphorical egg baskets that I juggle,  I’ve been pondering my goals for 2021 during my woody, chilly, hikes this week (along with life, the universe and everything ?).  I also always pick a #wordoftheyear each December, to guide me, keep me on track and kick me up the backside when needed, but, boy, it’s a struggle this year!  I know I’m going to be absolutely throwing blind ambition out the window…and that any intentions will almost certainly be slow, simple, heartfelt and authentic (perhaps my word is actually hiding in this post!)

I’d ? to hear your ‘word for 2021’.  How do you want to F E E L ?

Let me know…? and let’s help each other out…stay accountable.  Keep me accountable, too!

And yes, this blog post is short, succinct and simple.  No less worthy because of its word count.  No less important because of the time spent writing, or reading it.  ‘Enoughness’ (is that a word? if not, it should be!) is the one thing that I hope to strive for in the coming festive weeks as we glide into 2021.  Enoughness.

Much simple yoga love, and I truly hope we all find a wonderfully calm Christmas,


x Luisa (The Yoga PT)

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