While I sat in the waiting room for my obligatory 15 minute post-vaccination ‘test of patience’ following my Covid booster this morning, it dawned on me how we are still fully immersed in a global event of proportions never seen during our lifetime.

And yet here we are, many of us, hurtling along a non-negotiable conveyor belt of endless commitments, at an even faster pace possibly than pre-pandemic.

I met a friend who I hadn’t seen for some time outside of the vaccination centre.  She mused “It’s as if we’re all so frightened that it’s all going to get taken away from us again, that we’re cramming everything in.  Grasping it with both hands, while we can.”

This reminded me that I feel perpetually torn between two below polar opposite ways of being.  Perhaps you do too?  Here is how I see them:


  1. doing just that, clutching at life desperately, doing ‘all the things’, going everywhere, seeing everything (the extrovert)

  2. doing entirely the opposite, by allowing things to simply be.  Making space by burning down everything I’m currently working on in a mad fit of overwhelm, followed by a peaceful interlude of peace and integration.  Remaining open, a ‘vessel’ if you will, for life to be effortlessly poured into (the introvert)


If you’re a fan of following female cycles, seasonal changes, and the moon, you will also see a familiar pattern in these opposing behaviours.  There are people that are wholly and completely in one of these camps only, perhaps.  But I’m willing to bet that, as you have been drawn to these thoughts from my pen, you may be from the same tribe as me.  An in-betweener.  A life juggler.  Someone who occupies that liminal space. Perhaps you even consciously move through your days, weeks, months, years, in a cyclical fashion of doing/seeing/grasping, followed by a period of burning down/making space/remaining open, acknowledging that without winter, there can be no spring.  If so, I salute you.  Truly.  I’m learning to salute myself, too.

All I really want to share is…please, take care.  As a sensitive human, you will naturally aim to please others before you look out for yourself.  Recognise which of these polar opposite states you’re currently in, or if perhaps you straddle a fine balance somewhere in between.  Take what you need from each, when you need it.  Act from your heart.  Move forward with intention.

Needless to say, once I caught myself feeling impatient in that waiting room, I readjusted my seat in the uncomfy plastic chair, fished out my book from my bag, and settled in.  I ended up staying for quite some time.


x Luisa

P.S I’m currently taking a long winter break from posting on social media, in order to show up here more regularly instead, and through my simple newsletters.  If this article has helped you catch your breath, if you’re prone to feeling overwhelmed and would like inspiration to heal, to ‘do’ less and ‘be’ more, subscribe to my Notes from the Cabin letters, here.  Gentle words, to feel uplifted, empowered, calm and easeful…like you’ve just stepped off your yoga mat.  Thank you for being here.

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