Healing with Words | ‘A Year to Heal’ series: November 2020

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I have a very chequered past.

Surrounded by unpredictable mental health outbursts in my home, from early childhood.  Frequent recreational experimentation across all delinquent fields, before I even hit my teens.  The loss of my father, and, years later, the man I considered my step-father.  A breakdown, following a breakup, in my early ’20s, which spanned two years where I could have easily gone a fatal step too far, every single weekend.

I often jokingly say “I don’t know how I’ve made it to forty”.  But actually, it’s no joke.

My husband-to-be dragged me out of the gutter, riding in on his metaphorical white horse (whilst I was on one of those self-destructive nights out, oh the serendipity).  My favourite of my tattoos is one I drew soon after we got together, of a knight in shining armour.  It’s on my wrist, and makes me smile and breathe a sigh of relief, every time I look at it.

So yes, whilst I am (pretty substantially, with over 1,000 hours training under my belt) thoroughly qualified to coach, and write about, women’s wellness, I’m also fairly life-soaked, too.

This is all part of my healing – this very blog series, the care and attention I put into my one-to-one coaching with women searching a more soul-led life; and the new-style love letters I’m currently creating for my subscribers …and it’s part of your healing…and our collective healing.  Because that’s the most powerful thing we have right now.

I’m sharing this…not for sympathy…but because, dear readers, these experiences have entirely shaped how I treat life today.  They are undoubtedly what have powered me into helping people fight their own demons and blockages (physical, mental, spiritual).  It’s time to get real folks.  To get raw.  To feel aligned.  The only way we can truly, authentically heal, is to dig those gremlins out of the closet…and give them just a little air-time (perhaps before beating them senseless with a symbolic baseball bat, so they are gone forever ;0) )


We’re five months into this 2020 blog journey ‘A Year to Heal’, now.  And I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you some truths.  The stuff that happens that turns our lives around, ultimately, is nearly always ugly.  Nitty gritty.

So I’ve spilled these words to you, this tiny snippet of my own, very personal, story, to coax you, and soothe you, and reassure you that I understand.  And I’ve been there.  Possibly deeper than many who didn’t even make it out.  You get the picture.

I had a Sergeant whilst I worked for the police force, who used to say he was only happy when he felt perfect.  He actually used that word.  “How strange is he!” we all sniggered.  We thought it was hilarious.  But now I see his point.  I live and breathe feeling completely well, probably to compensate for all those years where I felt far from it.  

My addictions these days are to self-help, self-care and self-discovery.  And whilst no addictions are good, this is surely a healthier place for my mind and body to be.


This month, unlike past months, there is no suggested or recommended book to read.  Instead, November’s focus is going to be on using every opportunity you have, to sit quietly, and begin healing with words.  You can choose…it can be:

  • journalling – you can get the most beautifully inspiring, purpose-created journals these days.  But you can just as effectively, of course, use any notebook or jotter pad.  The most important thing here is consistency, as with any new habit you need it to become part of your routine.  (Pretty stationery does help me though ;0) )  You could also have a go with my free journal, too.
  • writing – if journalling needs to be stepped-up for you, you could answer an ambition to write publicly.  Perhaps you’ve always yearned to write for a living?  Perhaps you have a story to tell, or a skill to share, and blogging would suit you?  Simply by listening to that call, you’re working your light.  And that’s where the magic really happens.
  • spoken – is there a conversation you know you really need to have with somebody, in order to get those gremlins out of the closet?  As much as you don’t want to, this could be the key to letting-go, and perhaps to future happiness.  It’s worth a shot.
  • reading – I’m the biggest bookworm.  The escapism, the knowledge, the truths to uncover, the constant learning.  I mostly read non-fiction these days but am learning I should still have a mix on the go.  And if you need a little support, or you like the idea of an online book club, you can join us here.


So there it is.  November’s topic – healing with words.  I hope you enjoy it.

My greatest wish is simply for all women to feel the joy of feeling truly well.  If only I could make that a reality.  I so want it for you, dear reader.

Much love,


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