Create Your Own Magical Morning Ritual | ‘A Year to Heal’ series: July 2020

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Here we are, my loves.  How the devil are you?

T H I S  I S  J U S T  O N E  C H A P T E R  O F  Y O U R  J O U R N E Y

I’m calling this blog series throughout 2020 ‘A Year to Heal’ and dividing each monthly topic into ‘chapters’.  And you’ve arrived at ‘Creating Your Own Magical Morning Ritual’.  Chapter 1.  Which is perfect.  Because right where you are, is always, perfect.

All chapters over 2020 of this blog series have of course been handpicked by me…devoured by me even, in these recent times.  But learned over my entire forty years in this body, taught to me by my own soul whispers, and resulting from relationships, conversations and communication with the wonderful women around me.  One hint for one chapter.  Delve deep.  You’re reading for a reason.

Remember, you can (and should) take baby steps down this path of soul-led living.  There is no rush.  You are enough as you are. But you could feel your way through a little more consciously, perhaps. Yep, we’re going super  s l  o   w , people.  Part of the process.  All part of the deal.  Slow down.  The fact that you are reading this means your soul has nudged you gently in this direction.  And so you owe it to your true self to at least be…curious.

T H E  J O Y  O F  W A K I N G  U P

Obviously preferable to the alternative(!) but my love for waking-up in the mornings has often caused those close to me much amusement.

I can remember it starting when on holiday, aged maybe five or six, in a windy caravan on the edge of a cliff somewhere in North Cornwall.  That little flutter of excitement in my belly as I stretched and yawned and opened my eyes to the possibilities held by a fresh, new day.  The gift of golden hours stretching out in front of me.  What would I do? Where would I adventure? Who would I meet there?

Reflective of a blessed life to be living I guess, that I still find that same wonder now.  Of course, with two young children, and an anxious personality, I am positively delighted when I wake up feeling refreshed!

C E L E B R A T E  T H E  G O O D  D A Y S

It doesn’t always happen.  I talk a lot to my female coaching clients about ‘celebrating the good days‘, literally filling your ‘good’ days to the brim with as much positivity, joy and fun as possible (not necessarily meaning cramming all your work in ‘while you feel like it’, entirely the opposite, in fact) and saving your ‘bad’ days for completing repetetive chores that will make you feel as if you have accomplished something (ironing after a night of insomnia is one of my favourites, for example).  So that you can delight in the sunny days, when you wake up rested and well…and be productive on your gloomy days, thereby adding to your self-worth and your sense of achievement, setting yourself up for a better day tomorrow.  And if that better day doesn’t come tomorrow, so be it, you know you can manage, and cope, and you will get by and this too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

Unknown Author, likely from Persia, reflecting the temporary nature of all that it is to be human

C R E A T E  Y O U R  O W N  M O R N I N G  R I T U A L

And even if your heart doesn’t skip a beat at the sheer rapture of waking to a new day, by establishing a magical, morning ritual, something to suit you and no one else, something crafted with love by you, to you, a gift from your soul to light up your mind and your body, something that you can stick to, with ease and minimal effort…maybe…just maybe…you will have something wonderful to wake up for.  And repeat..and repeat…and repeat.  Every day.

You see, it’s the ritual part of this that is where the magic lies.  It’s the showing-up, day after day, that turns this from “I do yoga a couple of mornings a week, when I can fit it in” to “I dedicate 15 minutes of time, to myself, every morning that it’s possible, so that I am ready to face my day and can help support others as a result”.

And you may feel the universe is particularly partial to those who dedicate, consistently, too ;0)

Here are my tips for creating a magical morning ritual:


1.start some kind of ‘spiritual’ practice.  This need not be even slightly ‘woo’ (unless you want it to be, of course!), the point is you show-up and keep showing-up, but you could pick any of the following suggestions:

  • a short yoga, or fitness, or meditation workout  – even 15 minutes is fantastic
  • going for a short walk, or a jog, outdoors, connecting with nature
  • journalling your goals for the day, or thoughts from your dreams
  • repeating positive affirmations & mantras
  • reading a chapter of a book you find inspiring
  • picking an oracle card
  • looking at your horoscopes
  • self-Reiki or lying/sitting with your favourite crystals
  • light sourcing
  • prayer


2. even more movement!  If your tip 1, above, didn’t include some physical movement, get it in there now.  As a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, and someone who works with those who suffer with circulatory conditions, we all must get moving as soon as we wake, as best possible.  Think about how you’re lying in bed, for several hours, what effect – although incredibly restful and necessary – this has on your muscles, your organs, your blood.  How all liquids ‘pool’ towards your back, or side, or front, depending how you sleep.  We need to make our bodies aware that we are now awake.  This is also vital for establishing a fully-functioning circadian rhythm, ensuring our body knows when it’s your daytime, and when it’s your night time.  Dance, flow, sweat (only if you want to), tap your toes to the radio in the kitchen, stretch and yawn and, above all else, enjoy being in your body.  It’s your safe place.


3. nourish yourself well.  Oh boy, how many times have you started your day with half a pack of biscuits and then felt utterly deflated by 9am?!  Now, I must reassure you, I am no longer on the ‘protein smoothie meal replacement twice daily’ train (yes, I firmly was, for a time, before I re-educated myself, cringe, I know better now!) but I do tend to alternate between green smoothie, or porridge, or fresh fruit and greek yoghurt, or avocado on wholegrain toast (I know, aren’t I unbearable!).  This is not because I feel I should.  This is not because I am watching my weight.  This is solely because I. LOVE. TO. FEEL. GOOD. It is literally everything  to me.  And doing aaaalllll the above, helps.  Fluids too, choose carefully, as this is likely the first thing you’ve drank for several hours.  Again, my go-to for an early morning cuppa is pretty saintly, either hot water with lemon, or a green tea.  It can be a great practice to take a glass of water to bed with you the night before too, if you’re planning on doing your yoga practice, or workout, as soon as you wake up.  Take a few sips first.  Let your body know it’s time to move.


And there you have it.  The ways that I wake up, every day that I am able to dedicate that time, just to me.  Negotiate it well with your partner / children / housemates.  Well, but firmly.  You deserve it.

Remember I’m here.  The angel on your shoulder. Using my years of experience as a women’s coach…a personal trainer…a passionate yoga teacher…and a lover of communication. Taking you on a slow and mindful journey.  Listen for the whispers!

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With love,

x Luisa


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