Get a group of women together…and FEEL the energy rise!

There is nothing more motivating than seeing the positive changes in a group of women arriving for my one of my women’s circles…for a fitness class…or a yoga class…to when they leave later.

They drag their heels into the studio, heads filled with any negativity that their day has brought them, backs hunched from driving or working at a desk, down-turned mouths and clock-watching eyes…and then watching that turn around as the time progresses…bodies unfurling, smiles broadening, hearts racing, toes tapping, sweat glistening, breath flowing, music pumping, muscles working, endorphins flooding, moods lifting…

I teach a variety of weekly fitness and yoga classes in Minehead in Somerset, as well as special seasonal female events at The Yoga Cabin. See more below:

Everything was perfect…from the walk, to the boat trip across the lake, to the fabulous lunch, and my first Yoga session which I really enjoyed and even nodded off during the relaxation…I felt a new person leaving and didn’t want it to finish.


Amazing event this weekend arranged by Luisa. Amazing venue, fabulous food, wonderful group of ladies. lots of new things to learn and absorb. Feel empowered by all the truly generous ladies who I’ve had the pleasure to meet and get to know. Well done and thank you Luisa.


W O M E N S   C I R C L E

Day: Closest Sunday to Full Moon 

Time: 3pm – 5.30pm

At: The Yoga Cabin, Minehead     SOLD OUT          

Investment: £27 includes local charity donation

Our empowering, monthly gatherings are BACK! With a twist…because for 2020 we are not only looking outwards and celebrating the beauty of our local West Somerset area by getting sweaty in the great outdoors…but ALSO looking inwards and celebrating the beauty that is you!

I N C L U D E D:

  • I’m drawing in the expertise of a range of skilled women I’m lucky enough to know, to offer a different activity each time we gather, to expand your awareness of nature, live in tune with the seasons and re-wild yourself as a busy, modern woman.  Each month’s theme is created to get you outside in the fresh air, get your blood pumping, clear your mind from daily responsibility, and get you back to your roots.
  • then a healthful cuppa of your choice, back at The Yoga Cabin, while we have an on-topic chat about our monthly, female-focused theme, sitting in circle to release and let go of any worries we may be carrying.  Talking is always only optional!
  • then for an easy yoga practice to add some upper body and core strength and develop love and respect for your body and your breath. 
  • we finish with a calming guided relaxation or meditation, letting-go of expectations and setting your goals for the month ahead
  • there’s also an option to explore my female-focused self-development library. £2 of your payment goes to this month’s chosen local charity and means you can borrow one book for the month, expand your awareness and knowledge and keep growing. Keep that good feeling going! 

I aim to build a regular group of strong women (you may not feel strong right now, if so this will be ideal for you!) to meet at these monthly events, timed (as closely as my diary allows!) to coincide with the moon cycles, so that you can explore the change and pull of the month, and of the seasons, and so that you can release and let go, and set yourself some inspiring goals, at the most potent time.  

Maximum 6 ladies.


Day:Wednesday 18th March 2020    Time: 6pm – 8pm

At: The Yoga Cabin, Minehead               

Investment: £15   


Join my inspiring friend Laurie McNeill of Forest Path Shamanic Works, at my exclusive garden venue, for an introductory evening bursting with feminine energy to dive into your 2020.

Shamanism is a democratic spiritual practice, available to each of us, just because we are human.  It can touch and embrace the most profound aspects of our humanity and provide an ever-changing pathway to balance and revitalise…both your self..and planet earth…moment by moment.

During this evening of exploration together, we will explore the role of imagination in this balancing work, and dive deeply into our own connections with all that is, in order to bring about information, and healing.  Includes a warm drink.

Maximum 6 ladies.


Starts 1st November 2020 – September 2021 

Includes 8 Day Retreats

Based at Holworthy Farmhouse, Wimbleball Lake…and Minehead

Investment: Early Bird £395 if booked by 21st June.  Installments possible.

You are invited on a year-long exploration of the sacred feminine through the lens of the Celtic festivals, Solstices and Equinoxes of the year, both the sun festivals and the fire festivals.

This exploration will take the form of shamanic journeying, yoga, ceremony, sacred art-making and walking the land.

Determination, humility and a willingness to experience the creative new, are all you need to step into your true feminine power and embark on this adventure.

This year-long study will be taught by: Laurie McNeill of ‘Forest Path Shamanic Works’: local shamanic healer, writer, grandmother, and land-worker of many years’ experience and facilitated by Luisa Skinner of ‘The Yoga PT’: personal trainer, yoga teacher, mother, and holistic women’s health expert.

We will meet for eight glorious day retreats as we follow the Wheel of the Year, from 10am – 4pm on the Sundays closest to the festival dates, starting with Samhain 2020.

Your study package includes: all 8 day retreats, including anything needed on the day; suggested home study in between our retreat days; online support from your teachers throughout the year; certification on completion of your year; light lunches and teas/coffees will be included on certain retreat days.

Maximum 12 ladies.


Yoga Flow ‘A Year to Heal’ Chakra Journey: SOLD OUT

Day: Wednesday 

Time: 9.30 – 10.30am

At: The Yoga Cabin, Minehead               Investment: £45 for 6 weeks


Gentle Yoga ‘A Year to Heal’ Chakra Journey: SOLD OUT

Day: Wednesday 

Time: 11am – 12pm

At: The Yoga Cabin, Minehead               Investment: £45 for 6 weeks

‘A Year to Heal’ Chakra Journey is the most special sequence of classes I have ever created. Throughout the 7 half terms of 2020 we will travel this entire mystical energy system of our body, visiting all 7 major chakras, to rebalance, refresh, refocus and re-energise.

Yoga is not only physical exercise, but a reminder to live life to the fullest.  My approach to teaching yoga is practical and down-to-earth. I like to teach from a qualified anatomical, alignment-based, and quality breath perspective, complimenting my significant background in fitness and wellness, to ensure your experience is refreshing and invigorating. I also like to draw on the energy of an all-female class, and use the power of the seasons to influence our theme and focus, to make this a valuable part of your weekly self-care as a busy, modern woman.

These are the only weekly opportunities to catch me at the moment, and so sell-out fast.  Please do contact me though to grab a spot on the waiting list, or for any cancellations.

Maximum 6 ladies.

Amazing venue, activities, new experiences, laughs and above all else the fabulous company. I’d recommend this to anyone who fancies floating away and feeling uplifted for the weekend 


Luisa’s classes are great value for money and you can always guarantee something different each week! Whether you have a sporty background or not – I highly recommend her! Not only is her passion for what she does amazing, she is also a mum and understands what it’s like balancing children with working out! Very glad I found her classes – totally easy-going and there isn’t any judgement like a lot of classes/gyms.


Thankyou, Luisa, for organising such a motivational and inspiring event this weekend! It was wonderful to spend time in beautiful surroundings with a group of like-minded women and for us all to be in our “stretch zone” hiking, experiencing yoga and breathwork, HIIT and Boxercise, all under your expert guidance and with your friendly support, not to mention plenty of rest, relaxation and nourishing food! ❤️



You can also join me at my day job workplace, for a friendly, professional gym experience, or for weekly fitness and yoga classes based at the charity-funded Beach Fitness Suite in Minehead!