I  LOVE a class!

There is nothing more motivating than seeing the positive changes in a group of people arriving for my one of my fitness or yoga classes…to when they leave an hour later.

They drag their heels into the studio, heads filled with any negativity that their day has brought them, backs hunched from driving or working at a desk, downturned mouths and clock-watching eyes…and then watching that turn around as the hour progresses…bodies unfurling, smiles broadening, hearts racing, toes tapping, sweat glistening, breath flowing, music pumping, muscles working, endorphins flooding, moods lifting…

I teach a variety of weekly fitness and yoga classes in Minehead in Somerset, as well as special events at The Yoga Cabin. See more below:

Having been a completely unsociable at-home fitness bunny for years I was very hesitant about getting involved, but I’m so glad I did! Took the plunge at the start of the year when Luisa’s Freestyle Fitness Yoga classes started and I won’t look back – added strength, flexibility and wonderful stress management for my challenging job. Her high intensity H.I.I.T classes are fab too – you’ll get a sweat on believe me, and all her classes are very variable so you won’t get bored either! Clearly a very dedicated and knowledgeable woman who, more importantly loves her job and provides a supportive and a non-judgmental environment. Take the plunge girls, you won’t regret it!




W O M E N S • C I R C L E

Day: Sunday

Time: 3pm – 5.15pm

At: The Yoga Cabin, Minehead               

Investment: £27 includes local charity donation

Our empowering, monthly gatherings are BACK! With a twist…because this Winter we are not only looking outwards and celebrating the beauty of our local West Somerset area by getting sweaty in the great outdoors…but ALSO looking inwards and celebrating the beauty that is you!

I N C L U D E D:

  • short but mindful outdoor hike to get the blood pumping, heart racing, to clear your mind from daily responsibility, and get you back to nature


  • then back to The Yoga Cabin for an easy, breezy yoga practice to add some upper body and core strength, create a little heat, and develop love and respect for your body and your breath


  • enjoy a healthful cuppa of your choice while we have an on-topic chat about our monthly, female-focused theme


  • finish with a calming guided relaxation or meditation to complete, setting your goals for the month ahead

Maximum 8 ladies

There’s also an option to come a little early and join-in my monthly

• W O M E N S • B O O K • C I R C L E

to expand your self-development, access new ideas for interests or hobbies, chat with like-minded women, find self-help naturally, and to raise money for local charities by borrowing a book for the month (£2 donation is included in your £27 payment).

Open house from 2pm. Book topics include: #naturalmedicine #herbs #nutrition #aromatherapy #massage #essentialoils #fitness #yoga #pregnancy #themoon #astrology #magick #dreams #mindfulness #selfdevelopment #empoweredwomen

  • Please do share with anyone you think this could help, and support!




G E N T L E • Y O G A at The Yoga Cabin, Minehead

Pregnancy | Rehabilitative | Beginners *SOLD OUT!*

Day: Wednesday 

Time: 11am – 12pm

At: The Yoga Cabin, Minehead               Investment: £45 for 6 weeks

This is your invitation for a very special course of classes in gentle Yoga, approaching your whole health through mind and body, and all based at my most magical garden studio.  This class is best suited those who are a little older in years; those who are seeking some rehabilitation or recovery from illness or injury (you may have been advised to try yoga by your GP or consultant); or for those who are enjoying a healthy pregnancy.  Or maybe you simply wish for a calming session to move your bodies, under a qualified eye.

Yoga is not only physical exercise, but a reminder to live life to the fullest.  My style of teaching nods to the ancient traditions of yoga, but from an unintimidating, non-spiritual perspective, instead focusing on anatomical alignment, and simply moving with ease by using your breath.  You will need a reasonable level of mobility to take part, and be able to move from standing, to the mat, and back again.


Y O G A  • F L O W at The Yoga Cabin, Minehead

Flow | Strengthen | Improvers   *SOLD OUT!*

Day: Wednesday 

Time: 9.30 – 10.30am

At: The Yoga Cabin, Minehead               Investment: £45 for 6 weeks

 Again based at my most wonderful private garden cabin venue, this regular weekly class will encourage exploration of flowing breath and mindful movement of your body, to nourish and calm.

My approach to teaching yoga is practical and down-to-earth. I like to teach from a qualified anatomical, alignment-based, and quality breath perspective, complimenting my significant background in fitness and wellness, to ensure your experience is refreshing and invigorating. I also like to draw on the energy of an all-female class, and use the power of the seasons to influence our theme and focus, to make this a valuable part of your weekly self-care as a busy, modern woman.

This is one of only a handful of weekly classes that you can now catch me at!

You will need a good level of mobility to take part and you will have some experience in yoga and fitness already.


Sunrise Sessions

Day: Friday

Time: 6.45 – 7.25am

At: Minehead beach (the great outdoors!)  Investment: £30 for 6 weeks

Think sweat rolling, waves lapping, and sandy toes. Okay, it’s not the Mediterranean, but hey, who cares! It’s a beach, it’s all girls together, it’s space, it’s fresh air, it’s early morning fitness, it’s WONDERFUL!  Yes my original (and still the best!) Sunrise Sessions are BACK after a successful summer season for the past three years. 

My Sunrise Sessions include:

○ 25 minutes of awesome blood-pumping, bodyweight, high intensity interval exercises (modifications will always be available for you, so please be encouraged that you WILL be able to do it!)

○ 15 minutes of flowing yoga poses and stretches, as well as soothing breathwork, and a hint of morning meditation (soooo not as scary as it sounds!) to complete your morning session and totally invigorate you for your day

All appropriate for anyone fit and well, who wants to get their sweat on, combined in a regular weekly, early morning class, on the beach!

Mind…body…and soul…rolled up into one delicious early morning ball of goodness.  Think of it as the most awesome opportunity to really take stock of your health, crank-up your fitness, flexibility, strength (and fun!)


Just drop me an email helloluisafitness@gmail.com with any questions, to check dates, or to book.

Luisa’s classes are great value for money and you can always guarantee something different each week! Whether you have a sporty background or not – I highly recommend her! Not only is her passion for what she does amazing, she is also a mum and understands what it’s like balancing children with working out! Very glad I found her classes – totally easy-going and there isn’t any judgement like a lot of classes/gyms.



..or join me, and a bunch of other fantastic instructors, for weekly fitness and yoga classes based at the charity-funded Beach Fitness Suite, at The Beach Hotel in Minehead! 

For the latest class timetable, click below:

Great choice of classes which vary week-to-week so you never know what you’ll be doing and keeps the body guessing. Lu is a great instructor, very motivating and very willing to help you with advice. She’s also very passionate about a fit and healthy lifestyle which comes across both in her classes and on her Facebook pages! I’ve been attending classes since they started in January 2016 and have not only gained muscle but have toned up all over. Variety of classes depending on what you want to achieve, Spinning is great for fat-burning and Kettle Fit is great for all over toning and strength! Would definitely recommend Lu to anyone who wants to lose weight, build muscle or just wanting to build fitness and a healthier lifestyle!