Ebb + Flow | 6 weeks to mind ~ body ~ soul wellness 

Has the global pandemic had you feeling a little…lost?  Are you at a crossroads in your life?  Are you searching for deeper meaning?  At the same time as thirsting for better physical health, mental wellness and all-round balance?  Are chronic health issues unravelling your ability to live your perfect lifestyle?

My brand NEW offering is a 6 week, one-to-one course, available to just one lucky lady at any one time (so that I can dedicate myself entirely to you, being that angel on your shoulder, nudging you with ease towards your mind, body and spirit goals).

It truly will draw on my years of personal and professional experience, study of anatomy and physiology, yoga teaching, working with GP referrals for exercise, fitness instruction, nutritional coaching, spiritual studies and hands-on healing therapies, to create true balance, wellness and happiness in your life.

This is Personal Training…but with a real intuitive difference!

I didn’t expect to come away feeling quite so refreshed, energised, & motivated! Thank you Luisa.


With Luisa’s help I lost over a stone in weight, Luisa was such brilliant support and helped with any queries. Would 100% recommend her to anyone!


After 6 weeks, I’ve lost weight, feel energised and have no desire to go back to how things were before. It has been tough at times but overall it’s fitted in with family life and I feel like I have more food choices now, not less! So glad that I signed up, both for my benefit, and my family, as even my children now are making better food choices.


If you aren’t sure whether or not to make the investment, I promise that you will not be disappointed that you did.
You are in great hands! Thank you Luisa!

Imagine a feminine, mentoring package to empower you, and help you empower your family, to live a life full of soul, as we navigate our way beyond lockdown.

Perfect if you’re a woman with long-term-health-conditions that need soothing…but you still want to feel motivated and energised (anxiety, stress, fibromyalgia, arthritis…)

Perfect if you’re aged 40+ (or thereabouts!) and are too busy, too overwhelmed and too tired…

With one-to-one, feminine-focused, educational, weekly sessions, entirely tailored to your goals.

As part of your package, for a short time you will also receive a printed copy of my journal and workbook…including

  • set your vision

  • rewrite your story

  • reset your daily routine

  • meal planner

  • mindful tracking

  • food + fitness tracking

  • movement + meditation tracking

  • call in your soul support team


Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely!  Thank you!





Ebb + Flow | One to One 6 week package | via Zoom or in-person


  • available online via Zoom or in-person at The Yoga Cabin
  • my ultimate 6 week one-to-one wellness package
  • perfect aged 40+ or to support chronic health conditions


At each 75 minute session with me, either by Zoom or in-person, you can expect a variety of:

  • to make use of the worksheets from your journal, looking at your diet, activity levels and routine
  • a bespoke oracle card reading
  • a delve into your daily schedule to find achievable improvements in your day
  • a discovery of the best nutrition for you, with suggestions of best foods to include, for you
  • to enjoy a suitable yoga practice alongside me
  • to focus with a guided meditation or relaxation, with my voice to guide you
  • qualified support to breathe better, teaching you to bring calm to your body, whenever you need it
  • to finish with unique hands-on healing (if required and if in-person)
  • just the right amount of tailored homework to take away with you!
  • and, importantly, unlimited email support between sessions is included


Six Weeks: £495 (installments available)

Luisa is such a great Personal Trainer. She is patient, encouraging & knowledgable & explains the written and physical exercises you are doing really clearly.  I have come away feeling inspired & motivated.