“I’m utterly passionate about combining the latest, freshest, fitness coaching for women, with the scientifically-proven, ancient and holistic principles of yoga.

Let me take away your wobbly worries, help you stand strong and embrace how it feels to feel amazing.”

I’m Luisa, a professional Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Female Coach who is ready to empower you to embrace a fitter, more fulfilled, healthier life, and all the good things that brings.

Because I KNOW how it feels to be totally confused by all the health advice out there at the moment; the bombarding of idealistic images of women on social media, and the tabloid broadcasts of what to eat/what not to, how to exercise/how not to…I have created a perfect package for EVERY woman, regardless of previous experience, of shape, of size:

Choose my Weekly Classes in fitness or yoga to create a regular, healthy and sociable fitness habit. Choose Personal Training to create some accountability for your progress, to have me as the angel on your shoulder, nudging you closer towards your goals, and all set in my beautiful boutique studio The Yoga Cabin. Choose my Female Bootcamps for a cool, challenging, monthly morning group of empowering outdoor & indoor fitness and gradual re-education of your relationship with food. Or choose my Retreats, held across the beautiful South-West of the UK and immerse yourself in a weekend of yoga, fitness, great food, laughter, rest, relaxation, and a real dedication to your  true healthy self.

The word ‘fit’ has different connotations these days of course. To me, ‘fit’ is strong. It is waking up feeling like you can take on the world. It’s enjoying an absolute rainbow of different foods, experimenting, finding what works for you (and for you, as a family). These days, I have a realistic attitude to what works for most women – and it is all about B A L A N C E. I am ready to buck the Instagram and Snapchat trend by NOT posting endless filtered photos of bums or abs, or videos of me lifting ridiculous weights. I have lost interest in the aesthetic and beauty side that the industry has employed in recent years – it’s left a bitter taste. Instead I will help you to be your best you, to feel fantastic, and reap all the health benefits that you deserve. Maybe with just a little hard work ;0)

More about me…

My enthusiasm for fitness, having been non-existent at school, as sadly for so many non-sporty young girls, started in my late teens with Ministry of Sound workout videos (yes, I do mean VHS!)…had a severe blip during my mid-20s with a few totally wild years (no regrets)…and regenerated itself, as I always promised myself, having given birth to my beautiful family. “When I have had all my children, I WILL get super fit!” And…I did!

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Luisa is a qualified, hardworking and dedicated Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Fitness Instructor, based in Minehead, Somerset. Established in 2015, Luisa’s female-focused fitness business now reaches hundreds of women locally, and thousands of women online, every week.

She is currently teaching regular weekly fitness classes, supporting a handful of lucky ladies at a time for individual personal training, and running successful, female-only bootcamps and retreats, several times a year.

Luisa is a qualified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor and Level 3/Level 4 GP Exercise Referral Consultant with industry-leaders Active IQ. She also holds certificates in Circuit Training and Kettlebells with Active IQ, as well as being a Detox Specialist and Sports & Exercise Nutritional Adviser with the Health Sciences Academy and holding qualifications in Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation and as a registered Boxercise instructor. Luisa is fully insured, has First Aid training, and is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

She is proud to be an Ambassador for the Sport England campaign, ‘This Girl Can’, a celebration of active women who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets (!).

Luisa is controversially bucking the social media trend of posed and filtered ‘perfect ab’ images and these days will instead most likely be posting motivating quotes, inspiring hormone help, fab reviews from female clients or a scrummy, nourishing wholefood recipe. She prides herself as the most enthusiastic person you will ever meet when discussing the benefits of feeling truly well and balanced in all areas of life, and is dedicated to helping women eat well, with enjoyment and ease, and to overcome the fear of embarrassment in exercising which holds so many back. She comes to the fitness industry with 11 years in the police service under her belt, a BA Hons degree in Education, Teaching & Learning, and a refreshingly open and supportive attitude. She is utterly in love with her 6 year old daughter, Fern, 4 year old son, Rory, and oh-so-patient husband, Paul.

She is a complete studyaholic, having recently completed her Level 3 Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training with Seagrass Studio and The Happy Soul Yoga Co in sunny Braunton, Devon, and also studying from home as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She is now branching-out into the world of writing.  If she ever had some spare time she would probably go to a spa for several few weeks, and probably drink prosecco in a dressing gown ;0)