“I’m utterly passionate about combining the latest, freshest, fitness coaching for overwhelmed modern women, with the proven, stress-relieving philosophies of yoga.

Let me take away your wobbly worries, show you how to let-go of all the ‘busy’, help you recapture some valuable TIME to stand strong, and embrace how it feels to feel amazing.”


About me

My enthusiasm for fitness as I tip into my 40’s (my enthusiasm having been non-existent at school as sadly for so many non-team-sporty young girls) started in my late teens with Ministry of Sound workout DVDs…then had a severe blip during my early-20s with a few totally wild, totally untamed years of ‘partying’ (#noregrets)…and regenerated itself, as I always promised myself, having given birth to my beautiful family. “When I have had all my children, I WILL get super fit!” And…I did! Remember however, to feel ‘fit’ means something different, to every woman.  But we all have that sweet spot, where our bodies and brains feel like they’re singing, like they’re flowing, like everything is just right.  These days therefore, my focus is on empowering women with a totally holistic approach to wellness, through friendly, down-to-earth coaching, through my writing and blogging, and through my numerous online and in-person communities. This is proper mind, body, and spirit work, ladies.  I’m so thrilled you’re here. 

x Luisa

  • Are you longing to simplify your life and daily routine?  

  • Do you need to let-go of being ‘too busy’? 

  • Do you feel you need more time to just…breathe…?

  • Are you out-of-balance right now? 

  • Are you feeling some kind of shift in your life? 

  • Would you love to reconnect with the outdoors? 

  • Are you longing to live with more awareness of the natural world and environment? 

  • Are you growing, or raising, new life? 

  • Do you feel you just have too much responsibility?  

  • Are you really starting to crack under too much pressure? 

  • Are you even suffering from overwhelm, emotional exhaustion, chronic illness, or burnout?

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Luisa left the police force after growing her family in 2016, retraining as a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, and personal trainer.  She has since built up over 1,000 hours of teacher training, hosted bootcamps, workshops and retreats across the South West of the UK and is an Ambassador for the empowering Sport England ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. In 2019 she very proudly came Runner-Up in the uplifting women’s ‘Muddy Stilettos’ Awards, as Best Yoga Teacher, out of hundreds of nominations covering Bath, Bristol and Somerset. 

Turning forty last year, Luisa’s days are spent managing a rehabilitative gym project for a county-wide sports charity, and pottering in her own garden-based studio, affectionately named ‘The Yoga Cabin’, embracing having her own beautiful space in which to coach busy, modern women, both in-person and online, to live more soul-led lives. 

During ‘lockdown’ of 2020, she has rediscovered her talent and utter lifelong passion for writing, with her new blog generating rave reviews amongst curious soul-seekers, a popular facebook group created ‘A Year to Heal: simple living beyond lockdown’, and an upcoming article being featured in global online magazine, ‘FRANK’, speaking out about issues for women over the age of forty.  Her mission for 2021 is to turn all her years of experience, qualifications, client interactions and soulful insights, into a published non-fiction book.

She is utterly in love with her daughter Fern, son Rory, and oh-so-patient, golf-mad husband, Paul.  At weekends they can be found adventuring in their VW campervan, and hiking the South West Coast Path.

If she ever had some spare time Luisa would probably throw away her phone, go to a spa for several weeks, and most-likely drink prosecco in a dressing gown.