If you are enjoying my blog you may like to delve a little deeper into post-lockdown life, by working through ‘A Year to Heal’, both with me, and a gorgeous online community, of mindful, simple lifestyle seekers.

Join me for my informal study and support group, called ‘A Year to Heal: simple living beyond lockdown’, matching the monthly topics of my blog posts.  My aim is to simply be a guide, a mentor, a gatherer, for those of us who are feeling a little…off…in the midst of, and as we begin to recover from, this current global pandemic.

Together I hope we will explore a slow and steady toolkit of ways to tackle how we’re feeling, and how our lifestyles may have…or may want to, change.

It’s light-hearted, positive, and uplifting.  You can have a look and request to join by clicking the yellow button below.  I think you’re going to love it.


Clearly a very dedicated and knowledgable woman, who more importantly loves her job and provides a supportive and a non-judgemental environment. Take the plunge girls, you won’t regret it!